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How to Identify and Map your Dreams and Goals for 2020

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Hey Bosses,

If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment would you capture it or just let it slip? - Eminem

This morning I needed a boost to get started and Eminem came through for the win! I jammed to Lose Yourself on repeat for about 30 minutes as I mapped out my day. The song inspired the flow of the blog today, setting the tone for going after your opportunities for 2020. It was seriously a gangsta rap + caffeine type of morning.

Today we are talking, The Vision. Outlining the dream of where you see your business in 2020. Collecting all your dreams and narrowing down what you REALLY want from your business in the coming year.

Let's dive right in. Have you heard of Pinterest? Oh yeah, I am sure you have. If you haven't you may have been hiding under a rock since 2010. Pinterest is the ULTIMATE virtual vision board of the 21st century. Pinterest is one of the largest visual social networks, in which it is possible to share images, videos, infographics and all kinds of content that are predominantly visual. In addition, most users who have an online project or business use it as a “drawer of ideas”. The idea is to use Pinterest to collect and pin all of your dreams to boards (pinned to boards by common themes) and narrow those down to your top DREAMS and Goals for 2020.

Here's how:

Step One: Create Your Dream List

Think of all the dreams you have for your business in 2020. Maybe you dream of a new website, more press coverage, an increase in sales, more newsletter subscribers, more podcast listeners, more blog readers, more inspiration to create, more clients... the list is endless you just have to decide for yourself what you want for YOUR business. Now it is time to create the lists.

  • Create a list of ALL the things you desire for your business in 2020

  • Categorize each of the items from your list above by common theme (i.e., social media, sales, marketing, promotions, customers/client reach)

  • Create a list of all the companies that you watch and admire that are doing well in your industry.

Step Two: Create Your Dream Boards

Now it is time to load up Pinterest and get to pinning.

  • Create a board for each area that you want to make a change in your business. I would only start with 4 to 5 boards, any more and it could get overwhelming. You can always repeat this exercise for additional boards later. You can choose to have your boards private or public. When I am in the planning stages I keep those boards of brainstorming, private.

  • Pin ideas, blogs, pictures, and any inspiration that catches your attention for each of your boards. For example, if I want to increase sales, I would create a sales board and then search for pins on increasing sales, growing my online business, finding the idea customer, creating a customer profile, making more money with my business, etc. Anything that I can think of that may help me get more customers + more sales. The beauty of Pinterest is that as you begin to search it generates more ideas for you to pin which will give you even more to consider and add to your boards. You should also look at the brands that you admire and pin any ideas from their brand that inspires you. It is something they are doing to draw in customers or increase brand awareness so use their brand as inspiration, not to copy but to inspire you to create a solid brand that inspires your customers to take notice.

  • Narrow down the top board that you want to focus on FIRST for 2020. Look at all of your boards, just the boards not the pins and ask yourself, what is the MOST important board for my business in it's current state. This answer will be different for each individual and their business. You have to decide which board is THE MOST important for growing YOUR business in 2020. They are all important but you have to narrow down the most important board and pull that one up on your screen.

Step Three: Create Your Goal List

From the board that you selected, now it is time to create specific goals that you want from this board.

  • Let's say your board is all about Increasing Sales. Look at your pins and write down all the things you can do to increase sales. Whatever your board category is, write down all the things you can do to improve or grow in this area.

  • For all the things you wrote down create an actual GOAL for achieving each item on your list. Here's more info on how to set specific goals. All you want to do in this step is to set a specific goal  - What exactly are you trying to achieve? If I wrote down (from my Increasing Sales Board) that I wanted to make more money with my business I would specifically set a goal to make $1K more a month with my business in 2020.

  • Using the same example from above, I would create a S.M.A.R.T. Goal from that specific goal in order to map out how I plan to go about achieving that goal. Read the blog to understand how to map out your SMART Goals.

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Here's to helping you plan for an amazing 2020 and wishing you the best this holiday season!

You can do anything you set your mind to – Eminem

Your girl boss biz bestie,


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