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The Creative's Struggle & Hustle: Finding Your Brand Voice

Hey Boss Ladies,

How many times have you read a blog, a post or a text and felt instantly connected to that person? How many times have you felt disconnected? The reason you are drawn to or turned off by brands is partly due to their brand voice. The way they speak to you in their marketing campaigns, their social media posts and email newsletters will either draw you in, push you away or have no affect on you at all. When deciding what your brand voice is, your goal is to draw in the type of people that you want attracted to your brand.

Let's first understand what brand voice is. Brand Voice can also be described as the tone of voice which is simply the 'personality' of your brand or company as expressed through the written word. It is what you say and how you say it in all of your content marketing. How your brand style is communicated or expressed in words, both written and spoken, is your brand/tone of voice. The tone can be joyful, serious, humorous, informative, insightful, formal, informal, inspiring, empowering or optimistic, or a mix of these. Whatever the tone, it will be reflected in everything you write and/or say.

You can begin to discover your brand voice in 5 steps.

Step 1. Gather Info

I love a vision boards, I am a visual person and I am drawn to the visual aspects of business. Whenever I can, I create visuals. When doing your initial research for finding your brand voice, grab some magazines or online images that you feel represent your brand. You can arrange these images on a virtual vision board (Pinterest) or go ole school and cut the images out of the magazines and create a physical vision board. This board should be made up of 10 images that best illustrate your brand's personality. It will be a combination of colors, potential customers, places you see your brand in and pictures that look similar to the style of pictures you have for your brand.

Step 2. Describe

From all the info gathered above, review the images and write down words that describe what you see. Then write down 3 words that describe your brand. From the combined lists, select 3 final words that you will use to describe the personality of your brand.

Step 3. Listen

Your customers or your ideal customers, communicate and receive information a certain way. They gravitate to a particular tone of brand voice. Look at who your customers are following on social media and who or what brands they are engaging with. The brand voice may be similar to yours. Listen to the brand voices and decide what sets you apart and what makes you different. Review your 3 words and decide if you need to change any of your words to better suit your vision for your brand's personality (voice).

Step 4. Create

As you begin to speak in your brand voice, remember to stay consistent across all channels. Create content that oozes your brand's tone of voice and is dripping with the personality that is unique to your brand. Speak to your audience in the same tone on social media, on your website, and in person. This will help you craft a recognizable brand voice.

Step 5. Evolve

Change is inevitable and as your business evolves, so will your brand voice. It may be a slight change to attract more consumers or reach a broader audience. Whatever the case, evaluate your brand voice one a year to ensure it is still conveying the message that is right for your audience.

Remember, whatever personality you choose for your brand, whatever voice you decide on, make it authentic. Boss ladies are always authentic.

Until next time,

Blessings, Peace and Love,



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