The initial step is setting up your account

Setting up a fully optimized account can cost you hours of precious time spent researching niche keywords and optimization strategies, and getting nowhere.

Let us tailor design the process for you and take away the stress of figuring it out alone.

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Pinterest Marketing

Ready to Start?

Pinterest Account Setup 

If you are new to Pinterest Marketing, this is the first step in getting your account optimized for Pinterest Marketing.


Whether product based or service based, this package takes the guess work out of creating an account that is optimized for your brand. We do the work for you and present you with an account that is ready to implement your pinning strategy on Pinterest. From confirming websites, enabling rich pins and optimizing your display name and bio, we have you covered.


Book a free 15 minute call with us to see if this is the right move for your business.

  • New Account Setup


  • Account Evaluation


  • Optimized Display Name


  • Optimized Profile Bio


  • 5 SEO Brand Boards


  • List of Long Tail Keywords


Pinterest SEO Strategy 

If you already have your business account set up with your optimized display name and bio and you are now ready to level up your Pinterest Marketing with an SEO strategy.

Having brand pins with optimized titles and descriptions are KEY factors in your success with Pinterest Marketing. The goal is to attract the right people (using keywords) and drive them to your site (using scroll stopping pins and call to actions) to convert them to paying customers!


This package curates the various elements you need to start pinning like a PRO.


Book a free 15 minute call with us to see if this is the right move for your business.

  • 10 Brand Pin Templates

  • 10 Niche Long Tail Keywords

  • 5 SEO Brand Boards

  • 5 SEO Brand Pin Titles

  • 5 SEO Brand Pin Descriptions


Pinterest Account Setup 

Trying to implement any new strategy can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Attempting to put together different pieces of the puzzle can be costly and time consuming.


If you are truly ready to take your Pinterest Marketing to the next level, this package will lay the foundation and implement the initial strategies of your Pinterest Marketing.  Once we have completed the initial Pinterest Marketing setup,  you or your team can continue to execute your Pinterest Marketing strategy or you can partner with us to manage your account monthly. From setting up your account, optimizing your account, designing pins, and creating a pinning schedule, this package DOES IT ALL. We wrap all of this up with a 1-1 consult call to help you master Pinterest Marketing from the foundation we have created for your business.


The hours it takes for you to do it alone will cost you more in time and money. Let us take the pain out of Pinterest and present you with the joy of a well planned Pinterest Marketing Strategy.


Book your call below so we can discuss this premium boss package for your business.

  • Setup Package

  • Seo Strategy Package

  • Website Audit

  • Tailwind Account Setup

  • First 50 Pins Scheduled

  • Curated Pinning Schedule

  • PDF Strategy Report

  • Excel Monthly Tracker

  • 1-1 Strategy Consult Call


Our Vision

Pinterest Marketing is at the core of what we do and what we do well. Our desire is that any small business with an online product or service can benefit from the power of Pinterest Marketing. We are stepping away from just encouraging you to take the leap but actually empowering you to succeed by offering you services that allow it to be done for you. With many entrepreneurs being solopreneurs we want to partner with you to be the team you need for your Pinterest Marketing needs.

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