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small biz holiday prep course

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How To Prepare
Your Business

for the holidays

  • YOU WANT TO INCREASE sales in your business this holiday season.

  • You are ready to REDUCE stress by being prepared instead of winging it this holiday season.

  • You're ready for a mindset shift that allows you to understand how to set sales goals and plan for profit. 

  • You want to know what updates to make to your website or Etsy shop to reach your target audience and convert them to customers.

  • You want to show up with a plan on the best social media platform for your business with a strategy to market your products.

The MUST HAVE Small Biz Course to Prepare Your Biz for the Holidays!

Understand how to set realistic goals for your business and what it actually takes to meet a sales goal that is profitable for your business. 
Identify WHAT you are going to offer and HOW you are going to present that offer to your Target Audience on your platform (website or Etsy Shop). 
Explore the five levels of the Sales Funnel and understand your customer's journey as they make their buying decision. Learn simple tactics to  update your website to convert. 
Discover ways to prepare your business to manage customer expectations, customer issues and customer feedback during the holidays. Learn how to provide exceptional customer service in hectic times.
Learn the basics of marketing on any social media platform so you can create a marketing strategy that works well for your business.

Meet your biz bestie 

hey there,

Signature SaRatta Speaks.png

Biz Strategist + Small Biz Owner

I'm SaRatta Murphy.

Empowerment Speaker, Biz Educator + Strategist, Content Creator, and Crazy Creative Coffee Drinker who will be your biz bestie + help you build your dream biz.


Welcome to the space where we create profitable businesses and make dreams come true.

I'm the owner of SaRatta Speaks and am more commonly known for my jewelry line expressions bracelets. I've been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and launched my most successful business (to date) expressions bracelets in January of 2012.


My jewelry line is available in over 150 boutiques worldwide, on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and Shop Essence. My most successful site is my own eCommerce site which I built and grew over the last 8 years. When I started my business I had NO IDEA what I was doing but I was willing to put in the work. Within 6 months of launching on Etsy, expressions bracelets was doing well enough for me to get off of unemployment (another story for another day) + hire my first part-time employee.

By December of 2016, I hit my first $10K month on Etsy. From November 16 - December 16, 2016, my revenue was $11, 555.81 with 351 orders during that time period. I quickly realized that I wanted to duplicate that month on my own eCommerce site. A website that had sat primarily dormant for almost 4 years was driven to life as my primary source of business income by the summer of 2017.

In 2020 during a major pandemic, I decided to change my marketing strategy to reach more customers and increase sales. I tapped into Pinterest and dug my heels into learning everything about it. I took courses, watched countless hours of YouTube videos, read every book Amazon had to offer, and then mapped out my business's Pinterest Marketing Strategy. 

Within the first 90 days, there was a massive increase in traffic to my website. Within a year I had created another stream of income to the tune of almost $130K from Pinterest sales. I grew my monthly views from 15K to well over 3 million and my audience from 1K to 11K. I knew I had found the golden egg of platforms for (non local based) small business owners.

Now I want to help you get what you want from your business. I can't wait to share my process of how I grew my business with you.

Small Biz Holiday Prep Workshop
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