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Does any of this sound familiar?

Frustrated with trying to make Pinterest work for your biz?


Overwhelmed with all the information and just don't know where to start?

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Ready to either get help or be done with it all?

If this sounds familiar


Pinterest Marketing is a great way to drive massive traffic to your website. Figuring out how to create a plan to do that is a daunting task. It can seem very overwhelming with all the information available and even more  frustrating when you attempt to go through the steps and implement someone else's system!

I put in the hours, days, and months of work to grow my Pinterest from 15K monthly views to well over 3 million in less than 9 months! I generated over $100K in additional revenue from my efforts and created a plan (set a goal, chose a strategy and outlined a tactical schedule to execute) to help other small business owners get their accounts set up to make Pinterest Marketing work for them.


I am ready to do the same for you!


Set a S.M.A.R.T. Goal

I decided on WHAT I wanted to accomplish with Pinterest and set a S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Specific: Increase traffic to site using Pinterest Marketing

Measurable: by reaching  1 million monthly viewers

Attainable: to convert at least 1% to customers

Relevant: who become repeat buyers of my inspirational jewelry

Time Bound: within 9 months.

Chose a Pinterest Marketing Strategy

When deciding how to market on a platform it is important to understand the platform FIRST before dumping money into paid marketing (advertising). This is so you understand how to effectively market to get a good ROI (return on investment).

I decided to use Pinterest to drive traffic with organic pins pinned both manually and scheduled vs paid ads. 

Created a Tactical Schedule

I created a lists of tactics that included everything from pin creation to pin scheduling. These tactics were mapped into a tactical schedule that included the number of pins to create and schedule daily.   My scheduler of choice was  Tailwind which is the preferred scheduler for Pinterest. The calendar took a cumbersome task of Pinterest Marketing and made it a more manageable task with daily/weekly assignments.

Tracked Analytics Adjusted Monthly

One of the main factors in achieving a goal is having a way to measure if/when you have reached your goal. I created a Pinterest Analytics Tracker to measure the results of my efforts weekly and adjust accordingly. After the first month, I only made adjustments monthly.

I know you are fed up but you still want Pinterest Marketing to work for your business, thankfully you are now in the right place.

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Introducing The Pin Plan

THE ONE PLAN YOU NEED for Pinterest Marketing

With 10+ years of business experience in marketing and sales, I will work with you to gather the information I need to build your Pin Plan. This plan is tailored to your business, to assess how to get your products to reach your ideal client through Pinterest Marketing.

The Pin Plan lays the foundation for:

Setting Up Your Account

  • Guided  Account Setup  

  • Existing Account Evaluation

  • Keyword Rich Display Name

  • Keyword Rich Profile Bio

  • 3 Brand Board Titles 

  • 3 Brand Board Descriptions

  • Complementary Board Ideas

  • Total Value $249.95

Creating Powerful Product Pins

  • How to Create Pins in Canva 101 Video Tutorial

  • 5 SEO Product Pin Titles

  • 5 SEO Product Pin Descriptions

  • 5 Pin Templates for your products or service that can be recycled 

  • Total Value $299.95

Planning Pins + Measuring Results

  • Tailwind Scheduler Video Training

  • Pinterest Scheduler Video Training

  • Pinterest Analytics Tracker

  • 4 Week Tactical Schedule

  • Pin Plan Instructional Video

  • Total Value $299.95

*Bonus - Website Optimization Tips to Increase Conversion
Total Value $849.85

I know, you've got questions and I've got answers.

Is this right for me?

If doesn't matter if you own a  service or product based business, Pinterest can drastically increase the traffic to your website. If you don't have the time to map out an entire Pinterest Strategy yourself, you need the Pin Plan to outsource the work.

I have a service based business is Pinterest still right for me?

Whether product or service based, Pinterest is the #1 platform to use to drive traffic (customers or clients) to your website. Instead of using products, service based business create pins of lifestyle images, infographics and graphics that lead to a blog or service.

I just started my business, is it too soon to purchase?

If you have a live website with products or services, you are a good fit for the plan. It doesn't matter how long you have been in business BUT you do need an already launched product or service site.

I have a TON of boards that I don't know what to do with, does this pin plan help with that?

YES! For accounts that you want to convert to a business account or that are already business accounts, we do an evaluation and create an optimization plan for your account. We review your account  and suggest clean up tips, boards to remove, boards to optimize and boards to create.

Do I need a blog for The Pin Plan to work?

You don't need one but it will be highly encouraged that you start one to increase the traffic to your site and offer your customers something of value. You want to be the expert in your field so a blog or vlog is a PLUS!

What happens after I purchase The Pin Plan?

You will receive a confirmation email (immediately) and your onboarding package within 24 business hours. You will review the package and complete an onboarding questionnaire. Once submitted you will receive your Pin Plan in 1 week. 

Meet Your Pinterest Bestie!

Meet your girl boss biz bestie

hey there,

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Biz Strategist + Small Biz Owner

I'm SaRatta Murphy.

Empowerment Speaker, Boss Biz Coach, Content Creator, and Crazy Creative Coffee Drinker who will be your girl boss bestie + help you build your dreams.


Welcome to the space where we create boss businesses and make dreams come true.

I'm the owner of SaRatta Speaks and more commonly known for my jewelry line expressions bracelets. I've been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and launched my most successful business (to date) expressions bracelets in January of 2012.


My jewelry line is available in over 150 boutiques world wide, on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and Shop Essence. My most successful site is my own eCommerce site which I built and grew over the last 8 years. When I started my business I had NO IDEA what I was doing but I was willing to put in the work. Within 6 months of launching on Etsy, expressions bracelets was doing well enough for me to get off of unemployment (another story for another day) + hire my first part time employee.

By December of 2016 I hit my first $10K month on Etsy. From November 16 - December 16, 2016 my revenue was $11, 555.81 with 351 orders during that time period. I quickly realized that I wanted to duplicate that month on my own eCommerce site. A website that had sat primarily dormant for almost 4 years was driven to life as my primary source of business income by the summer of 2017.


Now I want to help you get what you want from your business. I can't wait to share my process of how I grew my business with you.

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