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We grow by sharing our journey with others so that they may grow too.

SaRatta Murphy, biz educator

hey there,

  • Are you ready to think differently about your business and understand the what + why + where + when + who + how + how much of your business? Then you are ready to THINK LIKE A CEO.

  • Are you ready to create plans for your business that will have you budgeting and planning months to a year in advance? Then you are ready to PLAN LIKE A CEO.

  • Are you ready to create systems and workflows that will increase productivity, sales, effectiveness and efficiency in your business? Then you are ready to OWN LIKE A CEO.

  • Are you ready to create habits and routines of highly successful people? Then you are ready to ACT LIKE A CEO!

"the business course that will change your mindset about your business"

A six week course that will guide you through each division of your business so you understand the basic business concepts to grow your business. Bonus Facebook group LIVE sessions each week of the course to get your course questions answered.

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Girl, I got you!

I've built 2 multi six figure businesses and this course will show you how I did it.

It's time to know your business so you can grow your business.

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