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SaRatta Murphy, girl boss entrepreneur

hey boss,

  • Are you ready to think differently about your business and understand the what + why + where + when + who + how + how much of your business? Then you are ready to THINK LIKE A BOSS.

  • Are you ready to create plans for your business that will have you budgeting and planning months to a year in advance? Then you are ready to PLAN LIKE A BOSS.

  • Are you ready to create systems and workflows that will increase productivity, sales, effectiveness and efficiency in your business? Then you are ready to OWN LIKE A BOSS.

  • Are you ready to create habits and routines of highly successful people? Then you are ready to ACT LIKE A BOSS!

"the BOSS biz e-guide you must have"

An e-book that guides you though setting up a working process for your business that allows you to evaluate performance and adjust to grow your boss business.  

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Girl, I got you!

It's time to get this boss biz guide and get your life! You are the boss of your life so think it, plan it, own it, and act like a BOSS!

think like a boss

Part 1 will guide you to answer:

  • Why do you want to own a business? 

  • What is your mission?

  • What's the ultimate goal of the business?

  • What do you offer?

  • Who needs what you have to offer?

  • What resources do you have top achieve your goal?

plan like a boss

Part 2 will give you the blueprint:

  • To creating a plan for your business.

  • To creating a Boss Budget for your business.

  • To establishing an organizational chart for your business.

own like a boss

Part 3 will guide you through options to:

  • Creating a strategic plan of execution for Marketing.

  • Creating a strategic plan for Sales.

  • Creating management plans for each section of your business.

  • Creating systems and workflows to increase productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in your business.

act like a boss

Part 4 will guide you through how to manage your brand and hustle:

  • Steps on managing your personal brand.

  • Managing your emotions.

  • Managing your space.

  • Managing your hustle.

  • Managing your time.

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