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Building Your Business in 2020

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Hey Bosses,

I sat here this morning thinking about all the things I wanted to tell you to close out 2020. I reviewed my promise to deliver four blogs to close out the year:

  • The Vision - Outlining the dream of where you see your business in 2020

  • The Plan - Putting together a plan to achieve your dream in 2020

  • The Action - Resources to help you put your plan into action for 2020

  • Money Talks - Budgeting and financing your dream for 2020

The first two are on the blog as promised. But as I sat down this weekend to pen the last two blogs I realized that a blog post just wouldn't cover it. There is so much more that I want to share than just a blog on these two topics. And there is just so much more you deserve to understand about taking action and creating a business budget for 2020. These are two of the main topics that I have struggled with in my business and blogs and articles just didn't do it for me. I had to invest more and do the work to fully capture an understanding of how to make these things work in my business. So instead of a blog on the last two points, I've poured it all out in the guide. I am sharing those two points and SO MUCH more to help you build the boss business that you crave. Simply put, if you put in the work with the guide, you will see a significant change in your business in 2020.

The (ebook) Guide covers:

Part 1: Think Like A Boss

How you think about your business directly impacts the results your business produces. If you are not thinking like a boss about your business you will miss the entire reason you are building this business. This section will walk you through:

  • Why you want this business

  • What problem you are solving

  • What customers need your product

  • What qualifies you to solve the problem

  • What goals you have for this business

Part 2: Plan Like A Boss

We all have goals and we have more than likely written them down and attempted to map them out. But any great goal lacking a solid plan is dead in the water before you can even breath life into it. Let's say you want to make an additional $10K in your business during the year. Can you map out the exact strategy, the overall plan which involves operational patterns, activities, and decision making that will drive you to the goal? Can you list all the tactics, the specific actions that help you fulfill your strategy so you can achieve your goals?

This section of the book will guide you though:

  • Mapping out your goals with strategies you will use and specific actions you will take to achieve your goals

  • Creating budgets for various facets of your business, as well as a personal budget, to increase profit in your business

  • Planning organizational strategies for your business in the different divisions of your business - sales, marketing, production, and operations.

  • Downloadable planners for goal mapping and budget planning

Part 3: Own Like A Boss

We will dive deep into how to execute all the strategies that we laid out in Part 2. Explaining the process of attracting customers and converting customers. Breaking down the Marketing 4 P's and that crazy thing called a Sales Funnel. This part of the guide will help you to:

  • Understand how to generate leads for your business

  • Uncover how to convert leads into sales

  • Focus on systems that move your business forward

  • Work through templates on the sales funnel and the process

Part 4: Act Like A Boss

As you are building this boss business, you want to create habits and reinforce values of a true girl boss. There are things that successful people do daily that keep them ahead of the pack. You want to be running a boss business and gaining the respect and confidence you deserve as a girl boss. The last part of the guide will help develop and grow your personal self while:

  • Managing your personal habits to create a stellar personal brand

  • Managing your hustle in a health way

  • Managing your time to maximize your day and increase your focus

This guide was created for you to build the business that you've dreamed of. All you need to do is invest the time and put in the work to see your dreams begin to become reality.

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Here's to wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and helping you plan for an amazing 2020!

Your girl boss biz bestie,


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